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    Taranaki Osteopath in New Plymouth is located:

    Bodysmart - 321 Devon st East.



    Stratford Clinic is now operating from 89 regan street, Stratford.

    Online booking are now available for New Plymouth, Opunake and Stratford.


    For Opunake, please contact Aguirre on 0223539081.

    For Stratford, please contact Manon on 0223539083.

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  • Stratford Clinic:

    New address 89 regan street, Online bookings are now open.

    New Plymouth Clinic:

    Bodysmart, 321 Devon St east, New Plymouth.


    There is free parking at the front of the building, Taranaki Osteopath is upstairs, use the lift or stairs.


    Manon is working in Stratford on Thursdays only.

    For any booking please use the Book Online to choose a time and a day,

    or call or text Manon on 022 35 39 083.


    Please give us 24h notice if you can't make your appointment otherwise we will be invoicing you  $40 for not showing up and not giving 24h notice, we appreciate your cooperation.




  • Taranaki Osteopath

    Aguirre Bonzon

    I am a graduate of the European School of Osteopathy, UK, with a Master of Osteopathy and I am registered with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand. I am also a fully registered ACC treatment provider.


    Before becoming an Osteopath I was a surf instructor living in Australia. After suffering a shoulder injury myself in 2009, I decided to become an Osteopath. Initially I practiced in the Whangarei community, but looking for a more active and diverse area my family and I moved to New Plymouth.


    I was born in France but brought up in Brazil. After studying in the UK I felt that it was time for a life style change, so with my family I moved to New Zealand in 2013. We have been so happy here we ended up having our daughters Anouk and Moana who are the first Kiwi members of our family.


    I enjoy treating all types of injuries, from the sporty ones to the more chronic problems, I am also very experienced treating pregnant women and newborn children.


    I am an active sporty person, I love surfing, kite surfing, sking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, soccer, tennis, yoga and pilates. It does really help when dealing with those type of injuries because I can really appreciate the impact and torsion involved with those activities.


    Finally, I also like the challenge of treating people with chronic aches and pains and also patients refered from orthopaedic surgeries that are willing to try Osteopathy before, or while they wait for surgery.


    Please call me today to discuss your treatment options or simply make a booking on line.



    Manon Buisson


    Hi, my name is Manon Buisson. I am an Osteopath currently working at Taranaki Osteopaths. I have a Master's degree in Osteopathy from the European School of Osteopathy in the UK, where I did 2 years of Children's Clinic.


    I have always been fascinated with women's health issues particularly relating to pregnancy and the post-partum period. My own pregnancies and birth of my two daughters have only strengthened my resolve to support other women in their journey to motherhood.


    The continuous postural and physiological changes that the female body undergoes during this time frequently lead to conditions such as lower back pain, pelvic pain, neck, shoulder and upper back pain often associated with headache and fatigue. As Osteopath, I use gentle techniques in order to enhance women's wellbeing during their pregnancy and optimised their recovery.



  • Cranial Osteopathy for New Borns

    Treatment for New Mothers

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Osteopathy

    What is Osteopathy?

    A great explanation of the history and philosophy of Osteopathy by Steve Sandler Phd DO.








    What's The Difference Between An Osteopath and a Chiropractor?

    Ashley James Heath explains the difference between and an Osteopath and a Chiropractor.






    How Long Does a Treatment Last?

    First consultation usually last 1 hour. This is the time to take a complete case history, do the examination to enable an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Then a follow up visit will be from 45 to 60 minutes.




    What should I wear?


    Basically the patient has to be relaxed about what the are wearing otherwise treatment will be not possible.

    Osteopathic examination and treatment involves moving the patient around, so it is easier if you wear clothes that facilitate easy movement. Such as t-shirt and track pants for example, but really avoid jeans or any close fitting clothes that could restrict movement.



    Do Osteopaths crack and manipulate joints?


    Manipulations are also called HVT, which means High Velocity Trust

    Yes, when needed, but not always, we must have the patient consent to do any manipulation, it is a safe technique the patient should not worry about.

    However we also have a variety of techniques for patient that are not keen to have adjustment.

    The clicking sound that is heard when a joint is manipulated is a simple vacuum formed between the joint surface when they are released.

    Once we have taken the case history and have confirmed that you are an eligible patient for manipulation is a very safe approach. Osteopath will ease of muscle tension before doing any adjustment, to decrease any possible reactions from the tissues surrounding the joint to be manipulate.



    How soon should I bring my baby for treatment?

    This really depends, but the earlier we can treat, the easier and quicker the response will be. Please watch the youtube video in the mother and baby section. 



    What are the most common issues that an Osteopath can help during pregnancy and after delivery?

    During pregnancy: heartburn, reflux, sciatica, back ache, neck pain, pubic symphysis pain, head ache, breathing problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower extremity swelling.


    After delivery: sciatica, sacro-iliac pain, low back pain, pain between the shoulder blades, pubis symphysis aches.

  • Mother, Baby and Cranial Osteopathy

    Cranial Osteopathy for Newborns


    Harvey's First Adjustment

    Osteopathy During Pregnacy

    A small tagline

    During pregnancy organs get pushed around, but also a growing baby will change the spinal curves, perhaps leading to some discomfort during pregnancy. The nine month of pregnancy is a constant physiological change in the body not only physically but hormonally as well. As Osteopath we are able to make those changes easier on the adapting body to decrease aches and pains.

    Cranial Osteopath and Headaches Explained.

  • Pricing GST included

    ACC: adult $55, child $50, baby $45
    Non ACC: adult $95, child $70, baby$60

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    321 Devon St. East, New Plymouth, New Zealand, 4310
    Also available in Stratford on Thurdays from 89 regan street, Stratford.
    Opunake on Tuesdays from the Medical Centre.
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